Are Collagen Powders Just a Trend?

I can’t help but comment on the wellness communities latest obsession with celery juice. I was scrolling through social media while sipping my turmeric latte when I truly experienced the height of this craze. Let me tell you, I was beginning to feel super out-of-date with my vibrant lips and tongue..

There are so many trends in this realm of natural wellness that I can’t even keep up sometimes. So now that we’re all about celery juice, is it still cool to drink a turmeric latte? Asking for a friend.

I’m not leading up to a total bashing of our beloved wellness fads. While there isn’t one health hack that works for everyone, these mainstream fads really do work for some people. If cabbage soup and activated charcoal changed your life, they're not a fad for you - it likely became one of your core wellness habits. It’s taken me years to find out what makes me thrive, and I’ve done my fair share of lemonade fasting and elimination diets to get where I am today.

I learned that The 5 Detox is my favourite whole-body cleansing program because I don’t have to starve myself, turmeric is my ultimate anti-inflammatory friend, and I still use my collagen powder every day.

What can I say - when you find something that works, you stick with it.

I actually first discovered collagen powder on my social media feed. At the time I was making bone broth on a pretty consistent basis and was loving the benefits. As the warmer seasons approached, my desire for warm broth slowly faded but this functional collagen powder was a way for me to continue to benefit from the amino acids.

If you’re not familiar, collagen has many praised wellness benefits:

  • JOINT SUPPORT: Upping your collagen intake supports cartilage and joint health, which in turn reduces joint pain and alleviates the symptoms of arthritis.

  • GLOWING SKIN: As we age, our natural collagen production decreases. Hello fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen intake is known to promote glowing, vibrant skin through increased elasticity. I should also mention, almost every time i’m in the health food shop I overhear ladies asking where the collagen is, because their friend started taking it and they look ‘10 years younger’.

  • HEALTHY MUSCLES: Collagen nourishes connective tissue throughout your body. Supplementation is beneficial before a workout to help prevent pain and stiffness. Additionally the amino acids support the production of lean muscle mass, which is essential for a strong metabolism. I love mixing my collagen with my favourite juiced greens powder before a workout, it’s like a natural energizer and recovery support all-in-one.

  • BETTER DIGESTION: Amino acids in collagen also work to support seal and heal the digestive tract and prevent and reverse inflammation. A healthy gut lining is essential for nutrient absorption and assimilation, all which support Better Digestion.

  • HAIR, NAILS & TEETH: In addition to skin benefits, collagen proteins are an essential building block for supporting strong hair, nails and teeth.

I started adding a scoop of WellPath Collagen to my morning coffee or matcha latte, it made my energizing morning blend extra creamy and frothy. I also started including it in recipes such as pancakes, smoothies and energy bites.

After a few weeks, it started. I began to receive comments on how healthy my skin looked and everyone wanted to know my secret. I then started to feel other proposed benefits - for myself, I was less sore after my workout, and my digestion felt less agitated and bloated. (I actually wrote a blog post on my experience here).

Wellness fads come and go, but some of them really stick with you. There are plenty of reason why I promote collagen, but I can tell you why I love it in just two points:

  • It’s easy to include in your existing routine: just add it to your coffee, homemade lattes, oatmeal and energy bites

  • There’s tons of benefits and i’ve felt some of the best for myself: Better Digestion, vibrant healthy skin, strong nails and hair, less pain after exercise

This wellness trend became one of my core habits… Like I said: When you find something that works, you stick with it.

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