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Spring is known for many different things. The scent of fresh rain, birds chirping and flowers beginning to bloom. Spring also brings the celebration of Earth day. Since 1970, Earth Day has helped bring awareness to our planet; all it does for us, and all that we can do to help it. Every year, people all over the world come together for a greater cause and partake in activities that help the Earth. Whether you’re already living a green lifestyle or could benefit from making a few more eco-friendly changes, here are some easy ways to support Mother Nature, her beauty and all that our planet does for us.

(Earth Day in 2019 is Monday April 22nd)

Make Simple Changes at Home

As most of us spend a considerable amount of time within our homes, it only makes sense that our homes contribute to a large amount of the carbon footprint we leave. Our electricity, gas, heat and water usage are all factors that contribute to the imprint we make on the Earth’s health. Luckily, there are so many easy changes we can make within our home to make a greener lifestyle for yourself.

Reducing the use of electricity in your home can easily be done with a few tweaks. One way to achieve this goal is to keep any non-essential appliances that you’re not using unplugged. Another way is to just stay conscious of the amount of time you keep lights on within your house. This can be done by relying more on daylight and turning off any lights as soon as you leave a room.

Keeping your heat and air conditioning at a controlled temperature will also make a big difference. With warmer weather on the way, try to be mindful of what temperature you’re keeping your house at. Instead of alternating the thermostat, open your windows and apply or remove extra clothing the next time instead.

Another way to make your home friendlier to the Earth is to invest in composting. If you’re a big gardener or have the occasional green thumb, composting is the perfect alternative to throwing out any food waste. Along with food scraps, food-soiled paper such as towels and napkins are also compostable. Whether you live in a home or an apartment building, you can easily compost no matter where you live. Even if you don’t have a garden, there are plenty of things that you can use compost soil for that will still help the planet and benefit the people around you.

No matter what eco-friendly changes you make in your home, staying mindful of the carbon footprint you’re making is imperative in helping the Earth. Whether the changes are big or small, just the act of making alterations in the right direction will help make a huge difference in the long run.

Switch Up Your Makeup

With so many beauty products containing harmful ingredients, and still conducting animal testing, it’s worth to check out safe beauty alternatives that are vegan and cruelty-free. When starting a new makeup routine, it can be overwhelming at first to make sure you’re choosing the right products. Luckily, I’ve complied some of my most-loved Natural Beauty Essentials in the Holisticole Shop. Take part in a beauty detox, for you - and the planet! This won’t take much - because you’re beautiful already (but really, who doesn’t love a little highlighter).

Another way to green-up your routine is by changing your hair care process. You can choose natural options here too. This will not only help the environment but will also give you beautiful, healthy locks. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s shampoo or a hair oil, vegan and cruelty-free alternatives have been integrated into all kinds of hair products, including hair colour. The next time you’re thinking of dying your hair, check out your natural options from a company like oVertone. Not only does oVertone create healthy colour for your hair, but they also specialize in making fun colours such as blue and purple. It’s fully possible to have absolutely amazing hair while also single-handedly helping the world.

Create an Eco-Friendly Wardrobe

While we’re all guilty of doing a little retail therapy every now and then, limiting your wardrobe to only your absolute favorite pieces of clothing and necessities is the perfect way to create a more sustainable way of living. Creating a capsule wardrobe can take time, but by donating and purchasing second-hand clothing, you’ll be on the road to achieving a zero-waste closet in no time!

With Spring comes Spring cleaning. Now is the perfect time to rid your closet of the things you haven’t worn for quite some time. If you’re having trouble finding out which items to keep and which to donate, look to organize gurus such as Marie Kondo and Fumio Sasaki. Once you’ve assembled the things you no longer need, skip throwing them in the trash and donate them to your local second-hand clothing store, family/friends, or host an eco-swap party. Knowing that your clothes are still getting use by someone will make you feel so much better about choosing to donate them.

The next time you’re looking to revamp your closet, support a small business that’s passionate for providing clothing, footwear and accessories that are sustainable, eco-conscious, ethically made and socially aware. Check out Sattva Boutique, a local eco-boutique here in Halifax - and they ship within Canada & The United States.

If buying new isn’t in budget, you can still be sustainable, by checking out some second-hand stores first. Buying donated clothes is the perfect way to treat yourself to some new threads while also reducing further waste in the world. However, you choose to make your wardrobe eco-friendly, wearing clothes that not only make you feel good physically, but also mentally, will help make a difference in the Earth’s health.

How do you plan on being greener for this Earth Day?


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