Are You Affected by Geopathic Stress

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Are you aware of the relationship between the earth’s energies and our own well-being? It makes sense, after all - we are made up of energy (some Quantum Science, where everything is nothing). In scenarios where the earths energies have a negative effect on human well-being,  is referred to as "Geopathic Stress". 

Doubtful that earth energies can effect your well being? Ask yourself this- How would sleep is your bedroom was located above a highway or by a rushing stream?

Likely rushed and anxious!

Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) is radiation which can occur naturally from the earth; created by underground streams, mineral deposits, fault lines and underground cavities. EMF's can also be made from man-made alterations to the earths landscape like underground cables and road construction. Not to mention WiFi, automobiles and other electronics also produce EMF’s and intensify the effects of geopathic stress. [1]

How Geopathic Stress affects You

Being repeatedly exposed to geopathic stress does not cause a specific illness but it can lower your immunity for fighting disease and can be related to reoccurring symptoms such as chronic body pains, headaches, sudden signs of aging, irritability, restless sleeping and behavioural changes.

If your bed is located above an underground water current, near active wall outlets or downtown in a city for example. When you go to bed at night  your body will fight to keep a basic balance due to the geopathic stress and may not have enough energy left to focus on regenerating and replenishing for a new day. If your bed is placed on a geopathic stress line you might wake up feeling exhausted and as if you didn’t sleep well at all. [2][3]

Is Geopathic Stress Affecting You

We live in a modernized world, and while it may not be realistic (for all of us) to live off-grid and be free from technology, construction and other components of our modern world, there are ways to live an up-to-date life without experiencing the disadvantages that exist due to the evolution of our world.

  • Be conscious and aware of how the man-made world of technology can affect your body
  • Don’t sleep with or near electronics
  • Spend more time in nature and have “unplugged” days
  • Avoid  microwave use
  • Avoid living near cell towers and above ground power lines [4]
  • Rearrange your rooms and consider the practice of feng-shui
  • Reduce electromagnetic pollution by unplugging electronics when not in use. Even if they are off, most are still in ‘standby' mode.
  • Turn your modem/router off at night
  • Sleep in complete darkness

What do you think?

Have you experienced Geopathic Stress and it's effect on your quality of life? Do you practice any of these steps such as unplugging electronics at night and sleeping away from cell phones, laptops and tablets?

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