Feeling Like You Need A "Recharge" To Get Back To Your Vibrant Self?

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Sometimes it honestly feels like there is not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Each day fly's by - we often set so many good intentions, but then suddenly it's already 11:00 pm, we are back in bed again, only to shut our eyes, wake up - and repeat it all over again.

Welcome to our modern world; were the to-do list keeps growing, more tasks keep falling into our laps - & we generally have more to do - but still only the same amount of hours in a day. Tell me how that works, please?

Not to mention, this darn time change! I am ready for bed at 6:00 pm now! (Come back to me sunlight!).

It's pretty easy to fall off track with your own dreams and goals when it feels like your partner, boss, friends, kids & pets come first. While we all live a different day, with different tasks and agendas - our lives are not so different.

Take a moment to tune in on how you are truly feeling about life - right now. Come to think of it, most of us could probably use a decent 'Recharge' - as we can associate the feeling of being 'stressed out' to quite a bit in life.

How can you tell if stress is affecting you? Maybe you're also sleeping like crap at night, not feeling rested in the morning, you've been trying to lose the same 10-20 lbs for a while now but your body will not budge, your skin in feeling dull and you can see the 'tired' in your face, on a day to day basis you just feel generally exhausted, ready for bed and look forward to coffee breaks. 

What's happening to us? Where did our vibrancy go?

Well - we experience stress for a reason. It's a primitive function designed to help you to overcome a stressful situation that you are in, by increasing hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and norepinepherine. These hormones make your muscles function at peak performance, and make your brain super sharp so that you are on your toes! But the stress that we face today is different than it was hundreds or even thousands of years ago. It's pretty easy to trigger stress now - even just thinking about something that frustrates you creates stress for your body.

Many of us experience stress in many forms, every single day - but what you need to know & remember, is that your brain, at a cellular level, really can't tell the difference between a pressing deadline at work and running for dear life from a carnivorous wild animal.

When stress mode doesn't ‘turn off’. In short - your body thinks you’re in danger, all the time.

Think about how many times stress mode is activated in a typical day for you, for most it can be activated immediately upon rising. Let's say you wake up late and are rushing to get ready in time - or maybe you woke up to a morning argument with your partner or kids.

Stress may be the reason you can't get a good night's sleep; the reason life feels overwhelming; why you're experiencing more anxiety & depression, as if you can't 'cope'; why your heart feels like it's constantly racing; why eating almost anything makes you bloated; and why your beloved libido may be at ZERO.

Being in stress mode for too long doesn't feel good as far as the symptoms associated go. This starts to weaken systems in your body - beginning with the adrenal glands. Nobody wants to be in a burnout, but so many of us end up at this point. 

'Adrenal Glands'? What are those? Your adrenals are tiny in size, but boy, oh boy - are they ever mighty! Located on top of your kidneys - these little endocrine glands help to produce everything from adrenaline, norepinepherine, cortisol, DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen and aldosterone. 

While your adrenals are your first defense in a stressful situation, too much stress will cause their function to breakdown - and then they will begin to call on other systems for help! It is in stage 2 of adrenal fatigue, when symptoms of hypothyroid come up!

YES - unaddressed stress & adrenal fatigue have links a malfunctioning thyroid gland! Long periods of stress shift the supply of ‘hormone precursor materials’ to be used for more cortisol production. 

Arguments at home, 'idiot' drivers on the road, pressure at work, kid's that don't listen, never ending to do lists and rushing around all the time... We seem to forget is that stress is everywhere, your neck and muscles may already be tense right now!

So how do we get out of constant stress mode, how on earth can we Recharge and get out of feeling tired all the time? The key work is in supporting your adrenals, nourishing your body with whole foods + BOOSTERS, and taking some much needed time for YOU.

Tips for a Vibrant You:

  • Address current and past emotional stressors and connect the dots as to how they may be affecting you as a whole
  • Take time for meditation and mindfulness, it's the go-go-go mentality that brings us into stress monster mode. So take some time to unload your brain from thought process overload.
  • Listen to your body and it's many signals, get more sleep and take some time for YOU
  • Make time for light exercise such as nature walks, yoga, stretching and core-work
  • Eat a nutrient dense diet that includes organic whole vegetables, low-glycemic fruits, ancient & sprouted grains, pasture-raised animal products, fermented + sprouted foods and raw nuts and seeds
  • Detox from caffeine and opt-in for elixirs 
  • Take BOOSTERS: adaptogenic herbs, minerals and gut-healing probiotics

Recharge: Your Guide To Thrive & Be Vibrant

I get stress. I've unrolled from a pretty major stress ball myself - and so Recharge hits close to home for me. Being an entrepreneur isn't exactly a walk in the park - it's easy to commit to more than you can handle and get into this feeling of being stuck with too much responsibility. When it's all work and no play, your body starts to work against you. But when you take the time to nourish your body + mind - your whole LIFE changes. You know what you need to do in order to feel your best, but it begins with taking some much deserved time for you - which can be hard for most.

So if you're looking to Recharge, Thrive & Be Vibrant, I feel ya - & i've got you covered. Access my brand spankin' new online program - Recharge: You Guide to Thrive & Be Vibrant.

This 60-page informative program was designed to bring back your energy, vibrancy & passion for life. We'll explore how to Recharge on a deeper level than what I have outlined above. You will learn:

  • Your Top 5 Stressors & How to Handle Them
  • The 4 Stages of Adrenal Fatigue: learn which phase you are in and what shows up on blood tests
  • The connection between Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Issues
  • What to eat and why!
  • Recharge exclusive plant-based recipes to nourish (such as my Coconut Turmeric Bites)
  • How long it takes to Recharge (this can be a 2-week or 1-month stress-detox!)
  • Holistic Supplementation to Recharge (learn which supplements are best for you and why)
  • Honest Lifestyle Tips for You to Thrive & Be Vibrant
  • Your Final Recap Summary & Your Daily Recharge Checklist


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