Go Green Breakfast Sandwich

go green breakfast sandwich

Makes 1 serving

What you need:
1 Ezekiel Sprouted English Muffin, toasted
2 Tbsp organic cream cheese (cow, goat, vegan)
6-8 Thin slices of English cucumber
1/2 Ripe avocado, thinly sliced
Basil microgreens
Himalayan salt
Black pepper
Crushed red pepper flakes

What to do:
-Toast your English muffin, and in the meantime get your toppings ready: slice cucumber and avocado
-Spread 1 tbsp of cream cheese on each half of the toasted English muffin, then top each half with cucumber slices, basil microgreens and avocado to top
-Season with himalayan salt, black pepper and crushed red pepper flakes




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