Upgraded Honey + Garlic

To read all about the benefits of including upgraded honey + garlic, click here!

Makes one 4 oz Jar

What you need:
1 head of organic garlic, peeled
Unpasteurized liquid honey
1 sprig fresh thyme (optional)
3-6 fresh rosemary needles (optional)
A fido jar

What to do:
-Peel each garlic clove and use the back of your knife to slightly crush each clove, then peel off the paper shell.
-Place the activated garlic into your jar with fresh herbs (if using) and cover with enough honey to completely cover and submerge, leaving at least 3 inches of space from the top, as during the fermentation process the honey will expand and can bubble over.
-Screw or snap on the lid of the jar and let it hang out in your cupboard for 3-5 days. Place a plate underneath the jar to catch any overflow.
-You will be infusing the benefits of the garlic into the honey and the garlic will absorb some sweetness from the honey. 
-After 3-5 days, place in the refrigerator to keep fresh throughout the season.
-Consume 1-2 cloves daily, as needed

-I recommend flipping the jar upside down daily to re-saturate and submerge the garlic if you are using a fido style jar, if you use a lid which screws on, you should twist it open daily to flush out the CO2 buildup.
-Fermentation is simple, but it is not always easy. "Ah-ha" moments can happen, I have seen jars explode from the CO2 pressure and while this experience is not fun - it happens along the fermentation journey. Maybe one day I will share with you my water keifer story...
-If you're looking to reduce the risk of incident; use fermentation approved equipment


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